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Gatlinburg TN Weather Forecast Averages

When is the best time of the year to plan a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee? Well, the true answer is: Anytime! Gatlinburg is one of the most scenic vacation spots in Tennessee, and perhaps the entire eastern United States. The only problems travelers will have is deciding whether or not they want to swim, snow ski, dress casual, put on a pair of shorts, or bundle up!

Visitors to the Gatlinburg can do it all, depending on what time of year they arrive. Gatlinburg, Tennessee weather can fluctuate enough each year so that winter is not so wintery and summer is not so summery. But watch out for that odd year when the extremes come out to play.

December – January – February will be the months most likely to see a dusting of snow or some serious packed powder for you to try out the slopes. Temperatures average from 25°F to 53°F with precipitation at 4.32 in. to 4.66 in.

March – April – May will have moderately warm days and extreme cool nights. Temperatures average from 33°F to 77°F with precipitation at 4.22 in. to 5.88 in.

June – July – August will find the kids searching out water parks and swimming pools. Temperatures average from 71°F to 86°F with precipitation at 4.57 in. to 5.82 in.

September – October – November will be the months for fireworks. Not the kind you light with a match, but the kind the forests burst into with arrays of autumn color. Temperatures average from 48°F to 80°F with precipitation at 2.67 in. to 4.34 in.

Gatlinburg, TN weather history shows record temperature highs of 106°F to record lows of -18°F. The warmest month normally is July, the coolest month normally is January. Precipitation averages higher in the month of May and lower in October.

A safe way to make sure the climate meets your needs when planning a trip to Gatlinburg is to check out the Gatlinburg, TN Weather Forecast found on the Visit My Smokies weather feed updated weekly and focused only on the Smoky Mountains TN area. Their 5 day forecast will give you an advanced look at what you should expect for your trip.