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Vacation Packing List for a Smoky Mountain Trip

Luggage consisting of large suitcases and rucksacksEnjoying your trip without stress of forgotten items is easy when you plan ahead with your own vacation packing list for any vacation and we have some tips for a Smoky Mountain trip vacation packing list.

The Smoky Mountains are a beautiful outdoor wonder with year round opportunities to take a vacation and see the beautiful views. However, depending on how rugged your Smoky Mountain vacation is going to be, packing might become a hassle. Here are some vacation packing lists for cabin stays and more rugged backpacking in the Smoky Mountains.
If you are staying in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, the first thing you should do is see what is already provided in the cabin. Some cabins will provide fully stocked kitchens, bed linens, and towels. If your cabin does not provide these things, then you will need to add them to your packing list. Make sure you have enough sleeping bags, bed linens, and towels for everyone. For example, if you have more people staying in the cabin than normal, you might have to bring extra bedding then what is provided. See if your cabin offers outside grills or if there are places nearby to buy charcoal, lighter fluid, and other cooking items that you might need. If your kitchen is not fully stocked, make sure you bring plates, cups, spoons, forks, knives, pots, pans, and any other kitchen supplies that you might need. Bring all toiletries, hair dryers, curling irons, bug spray, sunscreen, and other personal items as these will not be provided. Make sure you bring warm clothing no matter what time of year as it can get cold during the night. Also rain gear and broken in hiking shoes are needed if you plan to do any hiking.
Make sure to plan out each meal that you will be eating on your trip so you don’t forget anything. Sometimes it is the most basic things that you will forget, such as plates, forks, spoons, cups, knives, aluminum foil, paper towels, and ingredients for cooking. Don’t forget bug spray, sunscreen, soap, trash bags, and a first aid kit. When it comes to clothing, layers is the best way to go. One travel packing tip to always follow is to wear synthetic materials. Synthetic materials dry faster than wool, so you will be more comfortable if you get wet. Bring a couple of basic synthetic short sleeve shirts and a few synthetic long sleeve shirts to wear as layers. Bring a pair or two of shorts, but also make sure you bring long pants for cold nights. Don’t leave for your Smoky Mountain vacation without wool socks, gloves, a rain jacket, a light sweater, a warmer coat, and hiking boots that have been broken in for at least a week. Another travel packing tip is to bring along snacks for your day hikes. As this is your Smoky Mountain vacation, only you know how rugged and outdoorsy you plan to get. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so if you plan on doing long hikes into the mountains, bring a map, compass, and emergency supplies (extra food, a flashlight, extra clothes, extra water) just in case.
The Smoky Mountains is a great place to vacation, whether it is only for a weekend or for a few weeks in the back-country  It is important to be well prepared for anything while staying in the mountains, and with these tips for vacation packing lists you will be on your way to a great trip!