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You Deserve A Day At The Spa

Woman getting a massage at the spaVacations are a time to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life. The About You Salon and Day Spa in Gatlinburg can help melt away your stresses and worries. But what is a day spa? What treatments, beauty regimens and/or relaxation methods do they employ?

What Is A Day Spa?

Perhaps the most pertinent question one can ask is: What is the difference between destination and day spas? Destination and day spas are two totally different creatures. The most obvious differences being that one caters to a multi-day experience and the other focuses its attention at giving customers a concentrated, single-day course of treatment. Now, there are day spas that offer packages geared toward allowing the consumer to return for multiple-day regimens, but the consumer does not stay overnight.

Fabulous Facials

A day spa, such as the About You Salon and Day Spa in Gatlinburg, offers facials that take into consideration a person’s skin type. As an example, they offer what is called a microdermabrasion facial which can help acne-prone customers. Also, as a staple, moisturizing masks and facial hair removal is also an option which garners excellent results.

Marvelous Massages

The pampering does not halt here. They also have as relaxation options, professional massages performed by licensed massage therapists. The massages vary in length, but no matter how long the therapists engage with you, you are sure to feel relaxed and revitalized once the treatment is complete. The massages can be all-encompassing or designed to target specific problem areas.

Manicures and Pedicures

The next level of spoiling yourself might have you receiving a pedicure or manicure; all of which are administered by highly-trained professionals. Your feet come under assault on a daily basis, and it is a known fact that many leg and back conditions stem from poorly attended to feet. Whatever course of therapy or beauty-related procedure you choose, you will be able to enjoy it in a serene atmosphere surrounded by doting beauty and massage experts that will have you emerging from the spa a shadow of the tense and neglected self you arrived as.

Blissful relaxation doesn’t have to end when you leave the spa. Located just minutes away from the About You Salon and Day Spa in Gatlinburg, our cabins, chalets and condos have everything you need to continue pampering yourself. Amazing Views Cabin Rentals offers properties with hot tubs, jacuzzis, fireplaces and home theaters. Learn more about our properties by visiting our Cabins & Chalets page.