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Ski in Gatlinburg TN at Ober

Family skiing in the mountainIf you have ever heard someone say that they like to ski in Gatlinburg TN, then they were definitely referring to Ober Gatlinburg. You might be familiar with the name Ober Gatlinburg even if you have never been there. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the south. It’s also the only great place to ski in the southeast. That said, skiing isn’t the only great attraction here. Even if you don’t ski, this is a great place to visit.

Ober Gatlinburg is set up like a miniature town, but it’s first important to understand that Gatlinburg is a little town in the mountains itself. If you’re not sure what to do in Gatlinburg, you will have many options to choose from. If you visit during the warm months, you can simply walk up and down the street and enjoy the many vendors, entertainers, stores, restaurants and attractions that are on offer. Ripley’s Aquarium is the biggest attraction, but there are smaller and more unique attractions as well. If you visit Gatlinburg during the cold months, then you definitely want to visit Ober Gatlinburg.

The best news is that you can do both with ease regardless of the season. The Aerial Tramway connects Downtown Gatlinburg to Ober Gatlinburg. The distance this tram covers is 1.2 miles and it only takes about 10 minutes. Then again, you won’t want this ride to end. You will be able to see all of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and beyond. Few sites are prettier. It’s also recommended that you go on the Aerial Tramway once during the day and once during the night. They’re completely different experiences. If you’re traveling with a romantic interest, then you definitely have to go at night. The lights in the mountains make for a memorable experience.

When you’re at Ober Gatlinburg, you probably won’t know what to do first. To get your bearings, it’s recommended that you begin indoors. You can explore the large mall, which comes with a restaurants and stores just like any other mall. However, there are a few features that make this mall different, which include a skating rink and lounge.

Once you’re through inside, it’s time to begin your outdoor adventure at Ober Gatlinburg. It’s recommended that you begin with the Wildlife Encounter, which offers viewings of the most popular native animals to the Great Smoky Mountains. These animals include black bears, river otters and flying squirrels.

After that, go on the chairlift ride. This is far from your average chairlift ride. This one lasts 30 minutes, and when you reach the top, you will have an opportunity to enjoy a live bluegrass band. However, if 30 minutes is too long for you, you can opt to get off halfway up. From here, you can go down the alpine slide.

There are also nine ski runs at Ober Gatlinburg. If you don’t know how to ski, there is a ski school. If skiing still doesn’t interest you, then you can go snow tubing instead.

Other impressive features at Ober Gatlinburg include a game room, a miniature golf course, a carousel, and even water rides. As you can see, this can easily be the most adventurous vacation experience of your lifetime.