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4 Reasons 2 Bedroom Pigeon Forge Cabin Rentals Are Perfect For Your Vacation

Whether you are planning a quiet couples getaway or a celebration with a small group, you will love your next vacation inside one of our 2 bedroom Pigeon Forge cabin rentals. Not only do these cabins give you a peaceful place to stay during your trip, but they also offer a ton of benefits that you can only get with these vacation homes.

1. Perfect For Groups And Small Families

Hawk's View Cabin in Pigeon ForgeOur 2 bedroom Pigeon Forge cabin rentals are some of the most versatile vacation homes we have in our inventory. With the ability to sleep anywhere from 1 to 10 guests, these cabins are perfect for couples, small families, and groups looking to spend time relaxing in the mountains.

This means that you can book one of these cabins the next time you are looking to take a solo trip to the area, plan a romantic getaway, or surprise your friends from college with a weekend retreat. The possibilities inside these cabins are limitless.

Away at Shak-on-o-hey 2 bedroom Pigeon Forge cabin rentals2. Saves You Money

An added bonus of the flexibility these cabins offer your travel plans wit that they will help you save money. Because they are smaller than some of our bigger group cabins in the area, you are able to book these rentals for a lower cost per night.

Now, when you factor in the benefit of being able to sleep nearly a dozen of your closest friends and family, you can see the savings add up because now you have more people you can split the lodging cost between.

In short, you can fit more people at a cheaper rate inside our 2 bedroom Pigeon Forge cabin rentals than compared to other rentals.

3. Feels Like Home

Deer Run 2 bedroom cabin in Pigeon ForgeAnother reason we love our 2 bedroom Pigeon Forge cabin rentals is they have the ability to make you feel as if you are at home when you stay here. Sure, our larger cabins also have the same effect, but our 2 bedroom cabins have a more intimate atmosphere. In turn, this helps you feel more relaxed like you do at home.

Click here to discover all of the amazing Pigeon Forge cabin amenities our rentals offer.

Autumn Bearadise cabin in Pigeon Forge4. Extra Space to Stretch Out

For small groups, we recommend our 2 bedroom cabins for your romantic retreat because they give you a little bit of extra space to stretch out and relax during your stay. It’s true that some of our 1 bedroom cabins are large enough to house your guests, but the extra bedroom will come in handy when you want a quiet place to escape within the rental or an extra room for storage during your stay.

The extra bedroom will also help in the sense that you and your group will be able to still do your own thing during your vacation. When you book a 1 bedroom cabin, you have to share that room with someone else and be mindful of what they had in mind for a vacation itinerary. However, having the second bedroom will give you a private suite to return to without having to worry about disturbing anyone else.

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