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dog staying in Pigeon Forge cabins pet friendly rentals

Don’t Forget These 6 Essentials When Packing For Pigeon Forge Cabins Pet Friendly Rentals

Taking a vacation to Pigeon Forge is always fun, especially when you get to bring your four-legged friend along for the adventure. However, you want to make sure both you and your pet are prepared for your upcoming vacation.

Read below to discover all the essential items we think you should pack when staying in one of our Pigeon Forge cabins pet friendly rentals!

1. Blankets or Sheets From Home

dog laying under blanket in pet-friendly Pigeon Forge cabinThe first step to making sure both you and your dog feel comfortable inside our Pigeon Forge cabins pet friendly rentals is to make your dog feel as if he or she is at home inside the cabin. You can easily do this by bringing some blankets or sheets from your house with you during your trip.

Don’t worry, these linens aren’t for you to use. You get to enjoy the high-quality bed linens we use in all our bedrooms. These blankets are for you to place either in your dog’s crate or in the corner of whichever room you plan on spending time in for your dog.

These sheets will carry smells your dog is used to at home and in turn help him or her associate your vacation rental with a safe and peaceful place.

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man and dog enjoying pet-friendly Pigeon Forge vacation2. Sturdy Leash

In Pigeon Forge, we do have a leash law that requires pet owners to keep their dogs on a leash whenever they are outside of their vacation home, outside of a fenced in backyard, of course. That is why we recommend you pack a study leash with you on your next pet friendly adventure to the area.

For us, a study leash is one made of woven fiber you can easily hold onto if and when your pet starts to pull. Retractable leashes also acceptable, but they tend to break faster and get tangled up around light poles and park benches a lot easier.

3. Dog Collar With Up-To-Date Tags

dog with collar on pet-friendly Pigeon Forge vacationEven though you have done all you can to make your pet feel at home inside your Pigeon Forge cabins pet friendly rentals, you have to remember that this is still a new environment for him or her to experience. This means there will be a lot of sights and smells they will want to explore when they are out and about.

To make sure you are covered in case your pet decides to explore a little out of your reach, remember to equip them with a well-fitted collar with tags that have up-to-date information. You want to make sure your phone number and the name the dog answers to is clearly visible on the tag. For a safer bet, you can also purchase a temporary tag that lists which cabin you will be staying in or which cabin company you are booking through to help reunite you with your four-legged friend faster.

Dog in crate inside Pigeon Forge cabins pet friendly rentals4. Pet Crate

Pet crates serve two purposes when you are on vacation in our Pigeon Forge cabins pet friendly rentals. The first is to make sure your pet has a safe place to stay when you and your loved ones decide to go out and explore areas that are not pet friendly and have to leave him or her behind. The second is to give your dog its own quiet and peaceful place to relax during your vacation.

You can spruce these crates up by adding the blankets and sheets we mentioned earlier. You can also toss in a couple of toys or a bone for your pet to play with while you are away.

In terms of the crate itself, we recommend a collapsible crate because they do not take up as much room as other options. This will save you space both inside your cabin and in the car on your way to your vacation.

Please keep in mind, we do require all unattended pets to be crated when staying inside the cabin.

5. Collapsible Water & Food Bowls

dog drinking water out of collapsible water bowl during Pigeon Forge pet-friendly vacationJust like you, your pet will need to eat when you are on vacation. That is why you want to remember to pack a food and water bowl for him or her. Sure, you can use a dish or Tupperware container, but you must remember pet bowls are specifically designed for your pet to easily use without harming their mouths in the process.

Also, we recommend collapsible bowls because not only do they save you space in your luggage, they can easily be tossed into a backpack or bag if you decide to go anywhere with your pet for a long period of time. For example, if you decide to go on a family picnic or go hiking in the national park, you will want to have at least a water bowl readily available to allow your pet to rehydrate.

Humans are not the only ones what need a good source of water throughout the day.

pet with first aid kit inside Pigeon Forge cabins pet friendly rentals6. First Aid Kit

Lastly, you want to remember to pack a First Aid Kit for your pet. It’s not you should expect anything to happen to him or her, it is you want to be prepared in the unlikely event that something does. It is better to be over prepared than underprepared when it comes to taking care of the people and animals you love.

Here is an example of what we recommend you should include in your First Aid Kit:

  • Tweezers for removing ticks
  • Bag balm or Vaseline for soothing paws after a long hike
  • Sun protection screen to prevent sunburns around your dog’s ears, nose, and other areas with shorter hair
  • Any medications your pet takes, including flea and heartworm preventatives
  • Rolled gauze and tape to wrap injuries
  • Extra plastic bags for life’s little messes

Now that you know what you need to bring when traveling with your pet, it is time to book your next adventure with your dog today! You can start by looking at all our Pigeon Forge cabins pet friendly rentals.