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4 Breathtaking Hidden Waterfalls in Smoky Mountains

There are almost a countless number of scenic views we love in the Smoky Mountains. From the rolling hills as far as the eyes can see to the flourishing forests to the babbling creeks, there is no shortage of natural beauty in our area.

Included with this list of natural beauty are all of the majestic waterfalls in Smoky Mountains. Not only are these an amazing testament to the power of nature as you observe the rushing water over the rocks, but it is also an incredibly peaceful view that can help you relax.

The best part is most of these waterfalls are just a short distance away from our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals

To learn more about a few of our favorite hidden waterfalls in the national park, read below!

1. Baskins Creek Falls

Baskins Creek waterfalls in Smoky MountainsTucked away along the Baskins Creek hiking trail, Baskins Creek Falls is a stunning waterfall. The waterfall itself is 30 feet tall and split into two tiers. Although it is not one of the biggest waterfalls in Smoky Mountains, it is still extremely picturesque.

We do want to warn you the hike to the falls is a considered to be a little strenuous. Although it is only a mile-long trail, there is quite a bit of an elevation gain. Because of this, you will want to remember to bring sturdy tennis shoes and plenty of water to ensure you are comfortable during your hike.

Hen Wallow Falls waterfalls in Smoky Mountains2. Hen Wallow Falls

What is impressive about the Hen Wallow Falls waterfalls in Smoky Mountains is it fans out from a small 2-foot wide stream at the top to a significant 20-foot base. It is almost as if the water is expanding as it travels down the 90-foot drop.

Keep your eyes peeled when you stare at the base of this waterfall! It is a popular home for many of the salamanders that live in the national park.

For a unique experience, we recommend visiting this waterfall during the winter. When the temperatures drop, it is not uncommon for the water flowing over the rocks to freeze and form a beautiful icy column.

To access the Hen Wallow Falls, you start out on the Gabes Mountain hiking trail near the Cosby picnic area. There is a small side trail noted by a sign along the hike that will direct you to the waterfall. The hike is about 4.4 miles in total and will take roughly 3-4 hours to complete.

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3. Indian Creek and Toms Branch Falls

Indian Creek Falls waterfalls in Smoky MountainsIndian Creek and Tom Branch Falls is one of the easiest hidden waterfalls in Smoky Mountains to get to. Toms Branch Falls is located just .7 miles into the Deep Creek hiking trail.

At 60-feet tall, you can’t miss this elegant waterfall. Even better, if you walk roughly 200 feet further down the trail. you will find the Indian Creek Falls.

This means you get to experience two gorgeous hidden waterfalls during one scenic hike.

To learn more about this waterfall and its surrounding area, watch the video below!

Mouse Creek Falls waterfalls in Smoky Mountains4. Mouse Creek Falls

The hike to Mouse Creek Falls is one of the most unique of all of the waterfalls in Smoky Mountains. The route follows an old railroad grade that was once used to carry lumber out of the mountains when logging was the dominant industry in the area.

To access the falls, you and your family or group will hike along the Big Creek Trail. The trail is 4-miles round trip, and you should be able to finish in just under 3 hours, depending on how much time you spend admiring the falls.

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