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Gatlinburg Mountain Hounds Weekend

The Gatlinburg Mountain Hounds Weekend event is a community gathering with an inspired goal. Every year, the weekend following Memorial Day, the community and greyhound lovers get together to participate in activities and learning opportunities in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The end in mind is raising awareness and help for greyhound rescue efforts. As greyhounds are particularly in need of rescue, given their use as race dogs and frequent abandonment when they can no longer race, owners of these worthy dogs want to spread the word about their quality as pets and their need for homes.

As with most Gatlinburg events, Gatlinburg cabins are one of the best lodging options for travelers who wish to stay for the duration of Gatlinburg Mountain Hounds Weekend. The options range from the rustic to the luxurious. Regardless of which cabin visitors choose, they will never be far from beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains, great trails for hiking, local entertainment and local thrills.