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3 Unique Facts You Didn’t Know About Our Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Cabins For Large Groups

Considering planning a group vacation to the Smoky Mountains but not sure where to stay? Why not consider booking one of our spacious Gatlinburg cabins for large groups. Not only can these rentals accommodate a large number of guests under the same roof, but they offer several exclusive benefits that you cannot find anywhere else.

Read below to learn more about these relaxing rentals!

Great Bonding Experience

One of our favorite parts about renting a Gatlinburg cabin for large groups is the incredible bonding experience these rentals create. Not only do guests get to experience all the fun and excitement of the Smoky Mountains, but they also get to spend time with friends and loved ones that they may not see too often, and that equates to more opportunities to create memories.

In addition, guests staying in our Gatlinburg cabins with large groups will also be pleased by all the abundance of entertaining amenities found inside the rentals for them to bond over, private back deck at a Gatlinburg cabin for large groupsincluding a game of pool, a movie on the home theater system, outdoor hot tub, welcoming fireplace, and more. The point is that everywhere you turn inside our relaxing rentals is an opportunity to unwind and have fun with the people you cherish most.

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Real Money-Saver

The only thing better than taking a group vacation to the Smoky Mountains is finding ways to save money in the process. And that is where our Gatlinburg cabins for large groups can help.

In addition to giving guests a quiet and relaxing place to reconnect with friends and loved ones, these rentals do wonders in terms of helping guests stay within their travel budget.

Traveling with more people helps you split some of the cost of your trip among more people, including lodging, groceries, traveling and more.

To learn more about how to save money on our Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg cabins for large groups, feel free to check out our current listing of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg specials and discounts.

large private deck at a Gatlinburg cabin for large groupsRelaxing

It may be hard to imagine a group vacation with a lot of people can be relaxing, but it’s true. Well, it is true for vacationers who choose to spend their stay inside our Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg cabins for large groups.

One of the things that separates our cabins from other group lodging options is that while it has a ton of space for guests to socialize, they also offer plenty of room for guests to escape and enjoy some peace and quiet as well. This means that visitors staying in these cabins can enjoy hanging out, watching movies, playing pool with their friends and loved ones, but they can also enjoy unwinding in the private suites these cabins provide, just as if they were in their own home.

It’s not just the large private bedrooms that help guests relax inside our group cabins in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. In fact, it is hard to find a place inside these rentals that guests don’t find inviting and peaceful. Our favorite feature that many of our rentals offer is the large deck found on each level of the cabin. Even better, most of the time these decks also come with complimentary rocking chairs and comfortable seats that allow visitors to kick back and enjoy the sounds of nature around them.

Now that you know all of the amazing benefits that come with renting a large cabin, it is time to start planning your own vacation! And to do so, you can start by looking at all of the luxurious rentals we offer in our Cabins & Chalets inventory. There, you will find all of the relaxing rentals that we are proud to offer families and guests.