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Encounter An Iceberg At Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge

TitanicThe Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge is a must see while in Tennessee. It is the largest Titanic museum in the world. As you explore, you’ll find it’s a respectful way to honor the crew and passengers, as well as celebrate the craftsmanship of the ship itself. Self-guided tours will give you an accurate feel for what those people experienced on that historic night.

You will become a Titanic passenger as soon as you enter the museum. Each guest is given a boarding pass under the name of an actual Titanic crew member or passenger. See what it was like to stroll through the hallways and descend the grand staircase of this luxury liner. Continue on to peek inside the private parlors and cabins of the first class passengers. As you move further into the adventure, you’ll find yourself surrounded by over 400 actual artifacts from the ship.

Each guest will get a firsthand experience of what that fateful night was like. Put your hands into 28 degree water to find out just how cold the ocean was. You’ll even get to touch a real iceberg. Get a feel for what the third class hallways were like compared to first class. You’ll even have a chance to discover how difficult it was to walk the sloping decks. Feel the panic of trying to shovel coal in the boiler room just as the original crew did in an attempt to stay afloat. Listen to passenger’s stories while sitting in a lifeboat. Even little ones under eight can learn from the Tot-Titanic area.

In the Titanic Memorial Room you can find your passenger name to see your fate. There are 2,208 names listed on the historical wall. On display, there is four and a half million dollars’ worth of both private and personal artifacts from the Titanic.

A fine example of how realistic the museum wants your experience to be is found in the Grand Staircase. It was recreated from original plans by Harland and Wolff, complete with the cherub statue and oak carvings. They have even duplicated the glass dome, oak paneling, and elegant iron railings with detailed scroll work.

Both history buffs and avid movie fans will enjoy the chance to be a Titanic passenger. Go home knowing just what it was like to walk the ship’s decks and touch an actual iceberg.