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5 Benefits of Staying in Cabins with Hot Tubs in Gatlinburg

Nothing says vacation like spending some well deserved time relaxing in your own private hot tub! There’s no better way to relieve stress and soothe aching muscles than with this special amenity. Hot tubs can do your body and mind a world of good, and you can enjoy all of their perks the whole time you’re visiting. Here are 5 more benefits that come with staying in our cabins with hot tubs in Gatlinburg.

1. Available All Year Round

Unlike outdoor pools, hot tubs can be enjoyed in any season. Imagine looking out at the vibrant colors of the fall leaves, or watching as the snow falls, all from a comfortable seat in the bubbling water. No matter what time of the year you’d like to visit, you can always look forward to this fantastic amenity!

2. Helps Relieve Stress

outdoor hot tub with wine glassIf you’re feeling stressed out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it might be time for a Smoky Mountain vacation! It’s almost impossible not to feel at ease as you enjoy a glass of wine with the soothing waters of a hot tub surrounding you. As if that weren’t enough to make all your worries disappear, you’ll also have gorgeous wooded or mountain views to calm your mind.

3. Improves Circulation

There are a variety of health benefits that come with staying in one of our cabins with hot tubs in Gatlinburg, and one of them is improved circulation. The warm water will allow your blood vessels to dilate, which will help your blood to flow more easily throughout your body. You’ll feel more refreshed than you have in years after spending a week or even just a few days in one of our cabins with hot tubs in Gatlinburg!

4. Soothes Sore Muscles and Joints

father and son hiking in the smoky mountainsWhether you’ve been hiking through the Smokies or walking all day between popular attractions and shops, you might find yourself a little sore. Luckily, when you come back to your cabin for the evening, you can soak those little aches and pains away in the hot tub. This special amenity is also a miracle worker for people with arthritis and those who are prone to back or joint pain. The steady flow of water from the jets will also help to alleviate stress on your joints.

5. Helps You Unwind Before Bed

After a full day of excitement in the Smokies, you might find it a little difficult to fall asleep. You’ll need plenty of rest so that you can wake up ready for more fun! When you stay in one of our cabins with hot tubs in Gatlinburg, the warm, bubbling water will help you to unwind and put you in a more relaxed state of mind. Then, you can curl up in your comfortable bed and sleep like a baby until the morning comes.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to this special amenity. Be sure to check out all of our cabins with hot tubs in Gatlinburg to find the perfect place to stay!